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Tamara Robertson


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Prior to joining the mainstream maker movement, Tamara spent a decade in corporate engineering where she was pivotal in creating Women in Leadership mentorship programs.  During this time she noted a lack of women so in 2015, she transitioned full time to outreach in hopes of inspiring more young women to pursue S.T.E.M. careers.  It was during this time that she was given the opportunity to battle it out for a chance to join the Mythbusters legacy where her lifetime as a tinkerer and collector of skills landed her as the only female finalist and 2 x MVP winner.  Since then has become one of the leading female science hosts and engineers on the Science Channel lending her talents to Scijinks with Johnny Galecki, Mythbusters 2.0 with Brian Louden and Jon Lung and most recently on Mythbusters Jr. with Adam Savage.

“A true Renaissance woman, Tamara pulls experience from engineering, science, and the performing arts to engage audiences across ages, gender, and background, grounding discussions of science in its application to pop culture but expanding from there to push our minds to what’s possible in both science and art! Her panels are always thoughtful balances of speakers that welcome interaction with younger attendees while educating all of us.”

– Matthew Conner, Psychologist / Panel Coordinator for NC Comicon


keynote speaker & panelist

Tamara is an engineer turned science host. She has given keynotes, attended panel events and worked with clients like San Diego Comic-Con, US Science Festival, NC State University, New York Comic Con, UNC Health Care, LA Clippers, Marvel, Discovery Channel, Lincoln Electric and many more.  She’s a passionate speaker and shares her message with professionals, educators, children, and universities across the nation.  Tamara is an inspirational speaker and enjoys sharing her love of science. 

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Host & 2MVP Female Finalist


Seekers of Science

Seekers Of Science (S.O.S.) is a comic that is about using real-life science in real-life situations to try and save the world. It stars two real-life scientists, Dr. Tracy Fanara and Tamara Robertson, as they use their skills and those of other scientists around the world to help stop the problems that are put in front of them.

Kids in STEM

Super Hero Science

Tamara Robertson works to inspire young children in the pursuit of S.T.E.M. She balances her formal science education and engineering work experience with her love for theater to deliver an inspiring science performance that resonates with children. She talks to kids across the nation about the exciting world of science and showcasing to them that where their journey started doesn’t define where it ends.


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Emmy Nominated Producer | TV Host | Engineer | Speaker | Actor

Tamara Robertson